7 Quick Tips To Skyrocket Sales On Black Friday

Today we have a guest post from our girl Lindsay from Lot810 Marketing! She knows her stuff when it comes to rockin' those Black Friday sales... so take notes and be sure to snag her FREE download!

7 Quick Tips To Skyrocket Sales On Black Friday

If you haven't noticed, the biggest shopping day of the year is approaching. (You're either super excited, or freaking out... probably BOTH!)

And although you're probably banking on making some serious sales during Black Friday. Let's do everything we can to make sure you reach the maximum amount of sales this year. Sound good? Good.

Today I'm giving you 7 (okay, there's 8... I added a bonus at the end) quick + easy tips to help skyrocket your sales on Black Friday this year. Whoop whoop!

You can thank me later :) Also, I'm making your life a hell of a lot easier this year by giving you my FREE Ultimate Black Friday Schedule. You can get it HERE. This is going to help make sure you stay on track and boost your BF Sales! You got this.

7 Quick Tips To Skyrocket Sales On Black Friday

1. Offer an Exclusive Early Bird Sale to your Email List

Alright peeps, this one is MAJOR. Last year I ran an early bird special.... exclusive to my email list. I didn't announce this on social media or through any marketing materials... it truly was an invite only Pre-Black Friday event.

People went crazy! I wasn't sure what to expect, but my sales blew up that week. 

So, here's the trick. You have to build the hype. Make your list feel like their on the VIP list to the biggest party of the year. Let them know not everyone is invited (they have an exclusive backstage pass), that this sale is actually bigger than your Black Friday sale (bigger discounts), that they get to beat the Black Friday rush by shopping early. Do this, and you're bound to sell out of a few items before Black Friday event starts.

This little trick is a huge money machine that is a MUST for small shops who want to skyrocket their sales this season. 

Action Item:

Create an exclusive Pre-Black Friday event ONLY for your email list, exclusively for your list a week before, or the week of Black Friday. P.S. not sure how to design a killer newsletter that'll stand out in your peeps inbox? Checkout THIS post.  

2. Give Discounted Shipping

So most the time when we think of Black Friday, we think of huge discount codes, sales and clearance items we can snatch for almost nothing.

But so many shops forget about another incentive for your peeps to buy... discounted shipping. This tiny tweak will push those that are on the fence of hitting that checkout button, to becoming happy customers of  yours.

The trick here is to stack this on TOP of your already existing discounts and sales. This makes your customers feel like they're getting the deal of the freaking century. "I get 40% off my entire order, aaaaand my shipping charges are slashed in half? SOLD!"

Not only will they be more likely to purchase from you, they'll add more to their cart because of the huge savings they're getting. Imagine a kid walking down the aisle of a candy store and knocking everything from the shelves into their basket... yeah, it's kinda like that. 

Action Item:

Create a stackable promo code to add to your customers order that give them an extra discount on shipping. Or, just temporarily lower your shipping charges during your Black Friday event and make sure to advertise everywhere that you've also discounted shipping.

7 Quick Tips To Skyrocket Sales On Black Friday

3. Offer Gift Cards

I read that 60% of consumers requested gift cards as presents last year. Uh... that number is freaking huge. 

Listen to what the people want and give it to them for heaven's sake. It's not always easy trying to figure out the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Make it easy by offering a simple gift card. 

No need to stress, or shop, for hours looking for THE ONE. Lett your customers simply purchase a quick gift card and move on with their day. It's probably the best gift you could give them this year. 

The best part about this? Most people that come back to use your gift card, end up spending more than the amount they're given. Whoop, whoop. You just upsold them without even knowing. Go you! ;)

Action Item:

Offer gift cards during Black Friday. Don't have the money to actually create physical gift cards? No problem, just send a digital card they can print or forward on to their friends and family with their exclusive gift card code. Easy peasy.

4. Stack the discounts

Okay, so this little trick may be one of my favorites because it REALLY gets people in the mood to shop. What you do is go through all your products and put them on sale right before your Black Friday event. Then, offer a special promo code with an additional discount off your entire site during your HUGE sale.

This makes people feel like they're getting an even bigger discount than they expected... which results in more items in their cart. 

Now, this might scare you a bit. You're probably thinking, Lindsay... I can't afford to put an item on sale and then give another discount on top of that. No worries. You're not actually giving your customers the items for nothing.

You want to decide how much you want your Black Friday discount to actually be, let's say it's 40% off. Now let's say you have a tee that normally sells for $35. Put it on sale for $30 then give your customers a 30% off discount code... that comes to $21 for the tee. 

So actually, you're still giving the 40% off you initially intended and you're giving them a killer deal. See how that works? 

Action Item:

Decide on how much you want your Black Friday discount to be (bottom line). Then go through and put a few items on sale right before your BF event. Go ahead and still offer your discount code to stack on top of sale and clearance items, and watch your sales skyrocket. 

5. Use that Email List

I'm only going to say this once. If you aren't already using your email list, do. It. now.

Seriously, you're missing out on a huge money machine by not putting your newsletter to work during sales and promotions. And Black Friday is the mother of all sales. (checkout THIS post to see how your email list can make you mo' money)

One of THE best things you can do to increase your sales this season is to send out a few newsletters. The mistake most people do it send out one lonely email during the sale.

They're doing it wrong. It's important to send out a series of emails. I suggest sending out at LEAST 3 emails. 

One to announce your sale, one during your sale and one 4 hours before your sale ends. 

Action Item:

Schedule 3 emails to go out to your email list during your Black Friday sale. 

6. Pimp Out Your Sale All Over Social Media

It's not enough to just post on your Facebook page... utilize every single avenue you can. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Someone who's on your email list may not be following you on Facebook. And someone who's following you on Facebook isn't necessarily following you on Instagram. So treat each social media following as their own list. 

Pin some images on Pinterest as early as you can, post multiple times a day on Instagram, post multiple times a day on Twitter. 

Action Item:

Schedule posts to go out across all social media outlets you have before, during and after your Black Friday sale.

7. Ask Your Friends to Share

Don't be shy here mmmkay? ASk your peeps to share about your sale. When posting on Instagram, ask your followers to repost the sale to their following or tag a few friends who would be interested in the sale. I think you'll be surprised by how many people are willing to help you promote.

Post on your personal Facebook page and ask your friends and family to help you out this year by sharing the post. I'm always surprised by how many people actually do it. I usually get at least 10 other people to share on their pages. 

Make sure to thank them of course, they didn't have to promote you. Best friends and family ever right? (Not sure where to start? Checkout THIS post about call-to-actions on Instagram posts)

Action Item:

Make a plan to create a few posts where you're asking your peeps to share. I'd even send a text to a few super close friends and family asking if they'd help you spread the word about Black Friday sale.

7 Quick Tips To Skyrocket Sales On Black Friday

BONUS #8. Announce, Announce, Announce

Announce the crap out of your sale. This is when you can't be afraid to promote yourself. I mean, that's why you're in business right? To make money!

How in the world can you ever expect to make a sell if you never ask anyone to buy your products? Remember, these people wouldn't be on your email list or following you on social media if they weren't already interested in what you're buying.

Take advantage of that by giving them what they want, the opportunity to buy your items while they're on sale. Spread the word like it's a virus.

And make sure to post about it multiple times a day. Keep in mind that your audience isn't on social media as often as you're posting. So the same people who saw your post this morning, most likely won't be the same people who see what you posted in the afternoon.

Action Item:

Announce like a boss. Over and over again :)

Alright, now that you have a complete roadmap to help you kill it this Black Friday, get to work. 

And if you have anything that's worked for you in the past and want to add to this list, please comment below. I'd love to hear it!

Meet our guest contributor: Lindsay is the owner of Lot801 Marketing and Lot801. She's the Gangsta Boss teaching small business owners how to grow their brand using free resources like social media, FREE press and monetizing their income through a powerful money making newsletter.