6 Savvy Ways To Grow Your Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

Today we're thrilled to be sharing a guest post from Abby Martinez of For The Joy. She has some incredible Pinterest tips that you can get started on today to start making a difference in your blog traffic as quick as possible. Enjoy!

6 Savvy Ways To Grow Your Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

I'm so excited to be here today to share with you 6 savvy ways to increase blog traffic using Pinterest. A huge thank you to Désirée for reaching out and allowing me to share this post with you all here on Kitz & Co.

If you haven't heard it yet I'm here to tell you Pinterest is the number one secret tool to grow your blog following and traffic. 

If you're a Pinterest-aholic like me then I know you see the endless feed of engaging images with great catchy titles. There is good reason behind the Pinterest trend that bloggers are catching onto. 

Pinterest equals HUGE GROWTH!

But how?

I'm going to share with you exactly how I've grown my blog traffic with Pinterest in 5 easy steps. 

Don't worry! Even if you're not a Pinterest guru or addict you can put these tricks into action TODAY! 

Before you implement these steps I HIGHLY recommend switching to a Pinterest business account. With a business account you can track your analytics from both your Pinterest and your pins from your website. You can also analyze which pins are getting the most impressions, clicks, and saves. This can give you insight into the content your audience relates most with. Which is HUGE! It lets you know what kind of content to create more of. 

Okay, let's jump in! 

6 Savvy Ways To Grow Your Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

1.Keyword Name

Your profile name on Pinterest counts big time! Use relevant keywords to your niche in your profile name. 

On my Pinterest profile I was sure to use popular keywords related to entrepreneurs and bloggers. Before I had defined my blogging niche, I only had my name and my blog name. It looked like this Abby @ For The Joy Blog. The problem here is that name doesn't tell about who I am or what I write about. 

After I researched my niche keywords I was sure to use popular related words to entrepreneurs and bloggers. They are my ideal audience (which is something you really need to know about when you're implementing these tips). 

By adding keywords to your name your profile will appear when people type in those keywords to the Pinterest search bar. Er-go - MORE TRAFFIC! 

2. Keyword Descriptions

Not only are keywords are helpful when added to your profile name. They are PURE GOLD when added into your pin descriptions. I used to feel at a loss about what to put as my pin descriptions until I realized how powerful keywords are! 

In the description of each pin use relevant keywords that you know people are looking for when searching your niche. When people search your keywords your pins (if you're using the right keywords) will come up in their search. Bringing you more traffic! 

3. Vertical Pins

Pinterest lives on vertically designed pins. Just like every other social media platform, Pinterest has a size preference for pin images. Catchy titles are all the rage and they work! If you know your idea audience you can write titles that will grab their interest. 

Another attention grabber is the image. Make sure it is branded to your blog theme and use the same branding across all pins with slight variation. People will pick up on it and know they are your pins. They will expect it. 

4. Branded Boards

Along with the theme of appealing visuals, branded boards are appealing too. Make sure your boards on your Pinterest are relevant to your topic or closely related. All those other ones you can make secret for your own eyes. Next, work on making your pins the cover of each board. If it is a board that you don't write about but is closely related to your topic then use a pin with an image that is similar to your branding colors. When people come to you Pinterest profile, the cohesive look of your boards will engage them and draw them in. 

Another tip here is to have a board titled with your website and you pin all your blog posts to that board. This board should be first in the line up on your profile. This is an easy resource for others to see YOUR content. 

6 Savvy Ways To Grow Your Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

5. Pinterest Scheduling 

Even in I had all the time in the world I wouldn't want to sit and pin, pin, pin... would you? I didn't think so.

Pinning frequently is a necessary step in growing your traffic. If you only had boards on your profile that were full of your pins you wouldn't gain much traction. It's a good idea to pin others' content on your branded boards too. That way your boards are full of helpful posts along with your helpful posts. You can always re-pin your content to the same board to make it appear again at the top. This is called looping and it's a fantastic trick. 

This is where scheduling comes in! Trust me, you want to take advantage of these life changing, traffic growing, GEMS! 


  • Schedule your pins to be posted automatically
  • Choose how many pins and the times you want them pinned per day
  • Tailwind extension allows you to add pins to your drats straight from Pinterest. Then you can mass schedule to certain boards. 
  • Tribes - create and join tribes that you can add your content to. Then others in the tribe can see them and post them to their own boards too... More exposure! Join my tribe here
  • Analytics - track your impressions, pins, and saves
  • iPhone app - schedule your Instagram posts with the app on your phone and it will notify you when it is time to post. 
  • First 100 pins are FREE. 

Board Booster

  • Schedule your pins to be posted automatically
  • Choose the amount of pins and times you want them pinned
  • Looping tool
  • First 100 pins are FREE 

Both of the above are great tools! You can use my invite link to join Board Booster today.

Start out with both free trials and see which one works best for you! 

6. Group Boards

Joining group boards allows you to pin your content to boards that many other pinners see. They can then re-pin your posts, read your posts, or like your posts. Again, all bringing you more traffic and exposure! Get started with group boards by joining mine here.

All of these actionable steps you can put into place TODAY and start seeing growth! I can't wait to see you grow! 

Oh and don't forget to grab my FREE Pinterest Strategy Planner! Have fun!

Thanks again to Abby for sharing her Pinterest insight today! If you'd like a pitch a guest post to our blog, please email getsocial@socialkitz.com.