How To Grow Your List With Quizzes

We've all taken those BuzzFeed quizzes, right? The ones where you find out which Power Ranger you would have been or which flavour of ramen you should eat tonight?

It's no secret that these quizzes get us clicking and sharing, but from a business perspective, are they useful?

The short answer is HECK YES, so let me show you why they're a great way to engage your audience and how they can help you build your email list fast!

Recently, I was contacted by the team at Interact and they asked if I'd take their quiz building software for a test drive. Time to dive in!

How To Grow Your List With Quizzes

My first impression of Interact was that it's actually rather intuitive.

If you've used something like Leadpages in the past, you'll have a head start working within this platform, but even if you're a tech novice, you'll be able to find your way around their site in no time. 

There are three different types of assets you can build inside Interact:

  • Quizzes
    • Assesment
    • Personality
    • Score (Tallied)
  • Giveaways
  • Polls
How To Grow Your List With Quizzes

You can choose one of these types of quizzes and then build your own from scratch, or you can use one of their templates.

When you're brand new to the platform, you might find it helpful to take a peek through a few of the sample templates to get a feel for how the quizzes are put together and how the different types of quizzes tally results in the end.

You could even take one of these templates and customize it to suit your own business so that you can start sharing it right away. Or if you have your own quiz topic in mind, you can build it yourself, with the help of Interact's super informative help videos.

How To Grow Your List With Quizzes

Since the goal here is to build your email list, the first thing you'll want to do is connect your list to your Interact account so that any of the emails people are sharing with you, end up right inside your lists.

They have integration set up for you to easily connect services like MailChimp, ConvertKit (which we use), Constant Contact, etc. or you can just have them save the emails and you'll be able to download a .csv file later.

You next step will be to create or customize your quiz.

While the basic structure of the quizzes will stay the same, you can customize your quiz to fit the style of your business. For example, here's a quiz we've been using off our splash page to bring new prospects into our list:

The genius list-building part about these quizzes come after your prospect answers your questions -- they'll be asked to enter their email to get their results.

If your quiz has been of value or sparked interest, they'll be happy to share their email to learn about their result. You may want to add a line letting them know they'll get updates from your biz as well, for transparency.

Here's what you'll see at the end of our social media platform quiz:

How To Grow Your List With Quizzes

After they enter their email, the results will pop up on the same screen so they can find out, in this game, which social media platform they should be focusing on, or in your case, it could be what flavour of latte is their favourite, what colour they should paint their bedroom, or how well they know their Star Wars trivia. 

Here's a sample of the results at the end of our social media platform quiz:

How To Grow Your List With Quizzes

From here, they can share their results or click each individual results to get more information, like this:

How To Grow Your List With Quizzes

Now, here's my favourite part. Below the results, your new list member will see buttons which allow them to share your quiz on Facebook and Twitter. If they found it informative or just plain fun, they'll likely hit share (you can even prompt them to share) to show their friends. And so on and so forth!

How To Grow Your List With Quizzes

I know I've taken quizzes time and time again because I've spotted them on a friend's Facebook page. And if we're all doing it, our would-be clients are too!

The potential for growing your list with Interact's quiz software is staggering. Once you start bringing new people into your list in a fun and interactive way, you can start filtering them into the appropriate categories so they're getting information catered just to them! For example, if someone gets the Facebook result in our quiz, we tag them inside ConvertKit so that we know to send them content about Facebook.

You can really get to know your audience with quizzes and you might even learn something totally new!

A kids clothing brand might do a fun quiz to learn more about their audience and find out that they actually have more parents with toddlers than with school-aged kids on their list. Or they may find a whole new audience by sharing a quiz that is purely for entertainment purposes, but also attracts the right type of people to their brand.

You're in good company. These are just a few of the cool brands using Interact quizzes to expand their reach!

You're in good company. These are just a few of the cool brands using Interact quizzes to expand their reach!

A few more things worth nothing about Interact's quiz building software:

  • You can set up multiple email integrations if you happen to be using your account for more than one business
  • You can customize every single quiz, poll, or giveaway to suit any situation (colours, fonts, text, and images -- all up to you!)
  • The Interact blog is PACKED with informative content to help you create amazing quizzes for your business
  • This might be one of the most fun ways to grow your list EVER... agreed? ;)

Are you starting to think about different quizzes that you could try out with your audience? The sky's the limit, honestly, and you can even try out Interact for FREE before you decide it's for you, and after that you can choose a monthly subscription, depending on your needs.

No matter what your business is, I bet you can think up a few quiz ideas right now! If you end up building your own quizzes with Interact, link them up in the comments and we'll check them out! 

How To Grow Your List With Quizzes

This is not a sponsored post. We were given access to the Interact software so we could test it out and let you know what we thought. As always, all opinions are our own. This post contains affiliate links.