Why Your Biz Needs An Instagram Business Account (And How To Make The Switch)

Why Your Biz Needs An Instagram Business Account (And How To Make The Switch)

When Instagram business accounts rolled out, we were SUPER excited to see it become available for each of our clients and we made the switch as fast as we could for all of them!

Why? Keep reading! 

Actually, first grab your phone and make the switch that will make all the difference in how you look at your Instagram account, strategy, and success.

It's painless, I promise!

Why Your Biz Needs An Instagram Business Account (And How To Make The Switch)

Here are four easy steps to setting up your Instagram business account:

  1. Click the little cog icon in the top right corner of your Instagram profile screen on your phone.
  2. Under Account, click Switch to Business Profile then click Continue.
  3. Connect your Instagram to your biz Facebook page by clicking "Continue as yournamehere", then choose the page you'd like to associate with your Instagram account. 
  4. Add or edit your contact details, click done, and bam! You're all set!
Why Your Biz Needs An Instagram Business Account (And How To Make The Switch)

Ok, so why the heck is an Instagram business account super important? The answer is... INSIGHTS!

Oh yes! The main reason you definitely need to hop on board the Instagram business train is that you're now able to get native statistics and demographics. #highfive #happydance

Now you can actually see the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing without backdoor hacks, bit.ly links, paying for apps and others services to help you track numbers, or endless hours of headache HOPING that what you're doing is actually having an impact on your bottom line.

With Instagram insights, you can now see your:

  • Impressions (the number of times your post showed up in someone's feed as they scrolled through)
  • Reach (the number of individual people who have seen your posts -- ie. the number of unique accounts)
  • Profile views (the number of times people clicked over to see your profile)
  • Website clicks (the number of times people actually click on the link in your profile)
  • Followers (the times of the day that your followers are hanging out on Instagram)

On your insights page, you'll also see your Top Posts ie. the posts that are performing the best right now. When you click See More in this section, you'll be able to filter your best photos and video by impressions, reach, engagement, likes, or comments. You can also filter to see posts from the last 7 days, 30 days, 3 months, and so on. 

Why Your Biz Needs An Instagram Business Account (And How To Make The Switch)

Note: Only posts that were published AFTER you made the switch to your Instagram business account will show up under insights, which is why I urge you to make the change as quick as you can!

Going back to the main insights page, under Followers, you'll see a bar graph of times when your followers are usually on Instagram. Click See More in this section to learn more about your demographics. Here you'll see details on the gender, age range, and location of your followers. You can filter age range by gender, location by cities or countries, and your followers by the hours of the day they are most active, or the days of the week. 

All of these details are literally at your fingertips when you switch to an Instagram business account -- not to mention the fact that you can now promote your posts directly from your account which means less hassle and better results for YOU and YOUR BIZ!

Your challenge, if you haven't already made the switch:

Change over to an Instagram business account, keep posting, and start to watch your insights roll in, and create a strategy that reflects what works for your audience.

You may be surprised by what you learn about your account!