The first rule of Cold Coffee Club...

inspiration, education, and commiseration for badass biz owners

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When it comes to promoting your biz online, you're completely fed up. Your days are busy. Your coffee is cold. You're ready to join the club.

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The Cold Coffee Club is an online community* + resource vault designed to help you make your biz stand out on social media.

*where all the cool kids are hanging out

If you describe yourself as a blogger, small biz owner, entrepreneur, one-woman-show, solopreneur, mompreneur, or creative...

If you're eager to try something new...

If you wish more people understood that running a biz on your own is NOT for the faint of heart...

Then this is for YOU.

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Think of the Cold Coffee Club as your new support group.

It's no BS social media help. It's your home sweet home. It's virtual highfivery. It's a place to ask stupid questions that are never really stupid and get honest answers from people who actually give a crap about you and your biz.

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You belong in the Cold Coffee Club if...

  • you're a biz owner who wears multiple hats and you need help staying organized, motivated, and inspired when it comes to promoting your biz online

  • you've been petitioning for a 37 hour day for YEARS but the universe just won't listen (so rude, right?)

  • the phrase "social media algorithms" makes you want to assault your laptop

  • you end up doing NOTHING with your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because you're not really sure what the heck you SHOULD be doing and paralysis takes over

  • ... and you can't remember the last time you actually finished a mug of your favourite caffeinated beverage while it was still hot (siiiiigh)


If you're nodding your head and thinking oh sh*t I fogot about that coffee I put in the microwave 40 minutes ago, then you absolutely belong in the club.



"Why do you want to hire Désirée? She’s experienced. She gets the stuff that makes no sense to me, but REALLY matters, like stats, analytics, code... Without a doubt I would not have the career I have without Désirée." Michelle Ferreri,

"Kitz & Co. got me to be excited about the online side of my biz! They gave me the kickstart I needed!" Lisa Besseling, Stony Lake Furniture Co.

"I thought I was doing Facebook right but with all the changes that keep taking place it's hard to keep up. We changed just a few simple steps in our postings and have noticed a tremendous change in our page engagements in the first week already. Not only has engagement increased, but the visits to our site have increased also. Thank you again! You rock!!"

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My name is Désirée and I'm the creator of the Cold Coffee Club. I have to tell you that I'm super excited that you're here because there are SO many goodies waiting for you inside the club. You'll get a welcome note plus instant access to The Vault the moment you enroll so you can get started immediately. Consider this a gift to YOURSELF and YOUR BIZ. Think about how you're going to feel one year from this very moment when you look back at all of the things you've accomplished. It's going to be great. I can't wait to meet you, friend!

When you join the Cold Coffee Club, here's what you get:

  • Access to The Vault, which contains every single one of our current courses, including Rock Your FB, our flagship Facebook course ($300+ value)

  • All future content added to The Vault, including exclusive trainings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogging, productivity, collaboration, challenges, and more (priceless)

  • An invite to our private Slack group where you'll have a direct line to me and where you'll connect with more incredible biz owners ($5000 value)

  • Live coaching sessions in the Slack group ($300 value)

  • PLUS inbox goodies from Désirée to keep you motivated and in-the-know

That's $5600++ in value and growing each and every month.

Join the Cold Coffee Club for $25/month*

*that's the price of 4-5 subpar lattes that you never even got to enjoy hot anyhow -- trust me, this is better