You belong in the Cold Coffee Club if...

  • you're a biz owner who wears multiple hats and you need help staying organized, motivated, and inspired when it comes to promoting your biz online

  • you've been petitioning for a 37 hour day for YEARS but the universe just won't listen (so rude, right?)

  • the phrase "social media algorithms" makes you want to assault your laptop

  • you end up doing NOTHING with your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because you're not really sure what the heck you SHOULD be doing and paralysis takes over

  • ... and you can't remember the last time you actually finished a mug of your favourite caffeinated beverage while it was still hot (siiiiigh)


If you're nodding your head and thinking oh sh*t I fogot about that coffee I put in the microwave 40 minutes ago, then you absolutely belong in the club.